Why Do Email Newsletters?

Why do email newsletters?

By Sue Fidler

Many small not for profit organisations have yet to take advantage of email communications for a variety of reasons – some genuine and some which are out of date excuses. This article sets out to explain why almost everyone has the audience, the content and the capability of using email to communicate.

IT Risk Assessment

ICT Risk Assessment

by Lasa Information Systems Team

Organisations may be required to carry out risk assessments for a variety of reasons. But what is risk assessment and how does it relate to information technology specifically?

What Is Risk Assessment?

There are various risks associated an organisation's activities, including:

10 Things Every Nonprofit Executive Needs to Know about IT

Ways to get your information technology strategy under control

By: Deborah Finn

July 19, 2007

This article originally the Web site Technology for the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector by Deborah Finn.

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