replicable project

Boys' Club (Bryn Whitmore & Marquis Robinson 08-09)

Members' Names: Bryn Whitmore & Marquis Robinson

Service Site: Harambee Christian Family Center

Site Location: Pasadena, CA

Project Description:

Computer Class Curriculum (Andrew Butz 08-09)

Member Name:  Andrew Butz

Service Site: Pui Tak Center

Site Locations: Chicago, IL

Project Description:

Leadership Issue and Volunteer Recruitment and Training (Alicia Ingram 08-09)

Member Name: Alicia Ingram

Service Site: Cross Roads of the Rockies

Site Location: Denver, CO

Project Description:

Alicia spent her second TechMission Corps service year with Cross Roads of the Rockies in Denver, Colorado. At Cross Roads, Alicia helped create, implement, and evaluate her site's volunteer system. Her project includes a volunteer recruitment folder, an orientation outline, volunteer training, and advice for volunteer retention.

Open Door Computer Lab Manual (Molly Orr 08-09)

Member Name:   Molly Orr

Service Site: Open Door Ministries

Site Location: Denver, CO

Project Description:

Molly spent her second TechMission Corps service year with Open Door Ministries in Denver, Colorado. At Open Door, Molly helped to set up the site's computer lab and in the process, created a computer lab manual as her second year-long project.

How to Create a Library at your site (Crystal Spencer 07-08)

Member Name: Crystal Spencer

Service Site: The Crossing

Site Location: Denver, CO

Project Description: Crystal's year-long project focuses on creating and maintaining a library for an after-school program. Crystal documented her advice in a PowerPoint presentation. Crystal covers:

Eight Principles of Leadership (Janelle Britton 07-08)

Member Name: Janelle Britton

Service Site: Greenwood Shalom

Site Location: Boston, MA

Project Description:

For her TechMission Corps project, Janelle created a Powerpoint presentation, outlining characteristics and principles of positive leadership.

Topics include:

The Fundamentals of Sketching Curriculum (John Tallacksen 07-08)

Member Name: John Tallacksen

Service Site: First EV Free

Site Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project Description:

John's year-long replicable project is a very detailed 11-week curriculum with focus on drawing and sketching. This is an 11-week course where a class will meet once a week for 45 minutes to an hour. Each week's lesson plan is designed to inspire and inform students on how to express themselves through art.

Volunteer Handbook (Rebekah Bolin 07-08)

Member Name:   Rebekah Bolin

Service Site: Central City Community Outreach

Site Location: Los Angeles

Project Description:

Rebekah's TechMission Corps year-long replicable project is a Volunteer Handbook for her service site at Central City. Her powerpoint presentation provides general information on:

A Guide to Involving Parents in your After-school Program (Catrina LaBrie 07-08)

Member Name:Catrina LaBrie

Service Site: The Boston Project

Site Location: Boston, MA

Project Description:

Catrina's year-long project includes both a PowerPoint presentation and a guide on how to involve parents in after-school programs. Catrina's guidebook provides simple ways to involve parents and guardians in your after-school program as well as how to support them. Her guidebook also covers topics such as: Blogger Training (Rakiesha Chase 07-08)

Member Name: Rakiesha Chase

Service Site: TechMission

Site Location: Boston, MA

Project Description: launched its Volunteer Channel Editor/Blogger program, in which Rakiesha organized and managed for her year-long project. Rakiesha also facilitated blogger registration and training for all the bloggers.


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