Problems and Solutions

Problems and Solutions

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This page is a place to link to problems and solutions. Using a FAQ might be a useful alternative. has some comprehensive help for missionaries on the field. It has a forum, if you have a computer problem and you want to discuss it with an expert. And it has a freely downloadable manual, geared for missionaries, on how to maintain your computer while on the field.

Disk/Hardware Problems

There are a number of Support CDs available which can help in repairing disk problems and testing hardware.

If the computer turns on and boots up, these CDs can usually help. You boot off the CD, and run the diagnostics.

Protecting my PC/Laptop

So what do you need to do to try and protect your PC/Laptops from the nasties out there? Have a read of MinimalDesktopSecurity.

Finding Good Cheap New and Used PCs

Well, for Australia look at AustralianPCSuppliers. For the UK RDC (who also ship worldwide).

Samba related problems

This is information about various problems you may encounter with Samba. Samba Problems


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