Secular Organizations for Sobriety

Secular Organizations for Sobriety

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Secular Organizations For Sobriety (SOS), also known as Save Our Selves, is a non-profit network of autonomous self-help groups. The program stresses the need to place the highest priority on sobriety and uses mutual support to assist members in achieving this goal. The Suggested Guidelines for Sobriety emphasize rational decision-making and are not religious or spiritual in nature. Therefore, it represents an alternative to the spiritually based Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).


James Christopher, a former attendant of AA meetings, founded SOS in 1985. He had previously tried his own "Sobriety Priority" program to stay sober, wrote many articles on sobriety and gave public lectures. During 1986, he started the first SOS self-help group in North Hollywood. The Free Inquiry article "Sobriety without Superstition" popularized the SOS.[1]


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