Short-Term Missions

John Mott

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Making Short Term Missions More Holistic

"The use of short-term teams in missions has exploded in the past decade. These range from trips to another country to trips to urban or rural areas within the home country. There are a variety of good reasons to utilize short teams. A primary benefit of utilizing short term teams is the learning that can be experienced by those who go on the trip. With proper orientation and reflective learning while on a short term team, much good learning can occur.

Short Term Missions Reconsidered: 5 Dangerous Questions

Let me first respond to some criticisms that have been leveled against these essays by restating that I really do believe that missions are important. They are very important. That’s why I’m writing this, because I care about missions and their practice so much! I am not, in any way, interested in “throwing them out” or moving “beyond” them as if we know “so much more about things now”. I am, however, interested in reimaging their practice. I think that missions and spiritual formation DO go hand in hand and should not be separated.

Short Term Missions Reconsidered: From Missions to Missional

It is important to say that do I believe missions are important. Missions are integral to the way of Jesus. Our God is a God of mission, and we are a people called be about the same thing. I think we get confused, however, about what that term, missions, actually means. We view, express and practice “missions” as if it is an external activity, some sort of duty to be fulfilled. We see it, as a noun instead of what I will suggest that it is, an adjective. It seems to me that “missions” are not a task to be completed so much as a way of being.


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