Human Trafficking & Slavery

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman (nacida como Araminta Ross en 1820 y fallecida el 10 de marzo de 1913) fue una luchadora por la libertad de los afroamericanos y espía durante la Guerra Civil Estadounidense.

Harriet Tubman

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Human Trafficking Statistics

  • An estimated 9.5 billion is generated in annual revenue from all trafficking activities, with at least $4 billion attributed to the worldwide brothel industry (U.S. Department of State. 2004. Trafficking in Persons Report. Washington, D.C.: U.S.

Human Trafficking: Definition, Prevalence, and Causes

Human trafficking -- the sale, transport and profit from human beings who are forced to work for others -- is the modern equivalent of slavery. Against their will, millions of people around the world are forced to work for the profit of others, for example by begging, prostitution, involuntary servitude, working in sweatshops - even becoming child soldiers.

Human Trafficking and Other Forms of Modern-Day Slavery

While there exists a common misconception that the issue of slavery was nixed with the Emancupation Proclamation and the last Portugese slave ships spotted off the coast of Africa in the late 1800s, it is still alive and well throughout the world. The slavery covering the pages of our history books has been reincarnated into an international monster, taking various forms and ruining countless lives.

Statistics and information on pornography in the USA

Statistics and information on pornography in the USA


* The U.S. Customs Service estimates that there are more than 100,000 websites offering child pornography (which are illegal) worldwide.
Red Herring Magazine,

Addressing Human Trafficking/Sex Trafficking

Statistics on human trafficking and sex trafficking, information on how to recognize victims of human trafficking, and resources for developing programs to serve trafficking victims.

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