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Making the Connection: After-School Programs Partnering with Schools (Terrece Jordan 06-07)

Member Name: Terrece Jordan

Service Site: Grace Renaissance After School Program (GRASP) @ Full Life Gospel Center

Location: Dorchester, MA

Project Focus:

Wiki User's Guide

Wiki User's Guide

If you have not already taken the tour of the wiki, it will be helpful in understanding the following directions.

Online Segregation Model

The following is a model of the effects of online segregation among Christians. You can find the full article here. This model is a work in progress, and it is a part of a Wiki where others can make suggestions to improve on the model.


1. Assessing the Value of Christian Links

International Digital Divide Links

International Digital Divide Links

Organizational Resources | Community


International Digital Divide Organizations


International Digital Divide Books

International Digital Divide Books

This compilation of books can serve as a supplement to the work of Christian Community Computer Centers across the globe. The books provide important research, practical tools, and teaching about the three core values of TechMission - Jesus, Justice, and Technology - while having a strong focus on the digital divide beyond the USA and Canada.

Curriculum and Resources for Youth

Web Links for Youth Programs

Educational Websites


  • A+ Math: A solid math site for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There are multiple activities: flashcards, a game room, homework helper, and worksheets you can print out.

Computer Curriculum Downloads

Technology Curriulum Resources

Click here to download all curriculum materials (.zip, 45MB) 

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

Introduction to Excel



  • To learn basic, introductory Excel skills in a manner that is practical, attractive, and fun.
  • To leave the course with a solid, demonstrable knowledge of the topics covered.


Introduction to Microsoft Word

Introduction to Microsoft Word



Volunteer Resources

Online Volunteer Recruiting

Options for Volunteer Recruitment

The following are some methods of recruiting volunteers for technology programs. Check out our Christian Volunteering Manual (available online at for more information on each of these methods, including templates for recruitment advertisements and job listings.


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