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Credible Christianity for International Students

Credible Christianity for the Cultural Atheist

In his book Christianity’s Dangerous Idea, Alister McGrath discusses the relationship of church architecture and the modernistic sense of the absence of God. In reference to the “whitewashing” of churches following the lead of Geneva, McGrath writes.

Youth Computer Assessments

These assessments of computer knowledge and skills, for elementary and middle school students, can provide a general indication of students' familiarity with computers.

They were developed by Camille Britton and Evan Donovan of TechMission.

Sample Youth Ministry Volunteer Application Packet

A look through this packet, created by Tim Schmoyer of Alexandria Evangelical Covenant Church, will give you an idea of what topics to cover in a volunteer application for youth ministry workers. The theological background for youth ministry which he provides may also be helpful for planning volunteer orientations.

Creating an After-School Program Yearbook in Photoshop (Miriam Sanchez 06-07)

Member Name: Miriam Sanchez

Service Site: Pico Union SAY Yes @ 1st E.V. Free Church

Location: Los Angeles

Project Description:

In this presentation, Miriam Sanchez shows how she instructed the students at the Pico Union SAY Yes program in the process of creating a yearbook in Photoshop. She also presents some excellent examples of finished work.

Mentoring Troubled Children (Denise Cromwell 05-06)

Member Name: Denise Cromwell

Project Description:

In this presentation, Denise Cromwell describes the principles which guided her as she started a mentoring ministry to troubled children at her service site.

Creating a Policy & Procedure Manual for HERC Mentoring Program (Alphonso Westley 05-06)

Member Name: Alphonso Westley

Service Site: Boston HERC

Location: Roxbury, MA

Project Focus:

In this project, Alphonso Westley describes the way in which he formalized many of the procedures already in place at the Boston HERC so that there would be less confusion when staff transition occurs. He lists the documents which a good policy manual should occur, and also stresses that it is important to write a formal mission statement to define your organizational vision.

Boston HERC Peer Mentor Program Plan (Alphonso Westley 06-07)

Member Name: Alphonso Westley

Service Site: Boston HERC

Location: Roxbury, MA

Project Focus:

After-School Program Director's Manual (Teresa Pregizer 06-07)

Member Name: Teresa Pregizer

Service Site: S.A.Y Yes! Pico Union

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project Focus:

Changing Youth Behavior - One Day at a Time (Camille Britton 06-07)

Illustrates how developing a positive self-image and cultural identity can help improve youth behavior.


Understanding the Past So It Will Not Be Our Future: Changing Behaviors One Day at a Time (Camille Britton 06-07)

Member Name: Camille Britton

Service Site: Greenwood Shalom After School and Summer Enrichment Program @ Greenwood United Methodist Church

Location: Dorchester, MA

Project Focus:

Curriculum and Resources for Youth

Web Links for Youth Programs

Educational Websites


  • A+ Math: A solid math site for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There are multiple activities: flashcards, a game room, homework helper, and worksheets you can print out.


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