William Paul

William Paul


Dr. William Paul began his rescue ministry work while serving as a pastor at Riverside Chapel in Minneapolis. In 1919, he went to Union City Mission of Minneapolis and served until 1955. He also officiated as the president of IUGM from 1923-1927. Additionally, he hosted two annual conventions in Minneapolis, which had represented 124 different missions. Dr. Paul even helped double the number of members in IUGM and added eight new districts.

He was also the representative on the Board of Trustees for the Unorganized Districts (1927-1930), an Executive Committee member (1929-1953), and the President of IUGM's Northwest District (1948-1949).

His lasting contribution stems from the time when he was commissioned at the 1924 convention to write a book about Rescue Mission work and its history. The book, called The Romance of Rescue, was published in 1944. He also penned two others books entitled Miracles of Rescue and The Rescue Mission Manual, which are also considered as important works that still pertain to rescue ministry today.



"They Left Their Mark" - James Harriger (Rescue Magazine reprint)

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