William Seath

Dr. William Seath


Dr. William Seath was a young Presbyterian minister when he started his rescue ministry work. In 1920, he worked at Minneapolis' Union City Mission with Dr. William E. Paul  who was the president of the International Union of Gospel Missions at the time.

With the International Union of Gospel Missions (currently the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions - AGRM), Dr. Seath was first elected as a trustee in 1930 and served this position for six years. From 1941 through 1943, he was IUGM's Vice President and finally its President from 1944 to 1947. Afterwards, he also served as president of IUGM's Chicago District from 1955-1957.


Dr. Seath also made significant contributions to rescue ministry with his writing. Dr. Seath wrote many articles and produced seminars on industrial and social work in rescue ministry. He also wrote several books like The Master Touch, Study of Rescue Missions, Handbook of Rescue, Rehabilitation Methods and Materials, and I Saw the Cross. His book Unto the Least of These was commissioned by 1971’s IUGM executive committee to be an aid for rescue mission workers. He also wrote articles for Our Missions magazine.

Other notable positions include:

  • Member of the summer faculty of Houghton College
  • Member of the mayor’s commission on Rehabilitation of Persons in Chicago.
  • Executive Director of the Chicago Christian Industrial League (1931-1963)



"They Left Their Mark" - James Harriger (Rescue Magazine reprint)

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