City Vision Student Advisors

Advisor Requirements

City Vision requires that anyone receiving an internship, AGRM, Salvation Army or partner ministry scholarship or discount from City Vision must now identify a supervisor or mentor in a rescue mission to serve as their academic advisor/accountability partner. 
We are doing this because relationships are a core value for us, and we have found the most effective way to improve student success is through local relationships. We are a nonprofit ministry and we give up a significant portion of our revenue through these internships/scholarships and we want to make sure the relationships are happening to help support our students. We created this program to add a relational support to City Vision interns and students because we realized that the biggest life transformation happens from the face-to-face mentoring conversations that you can have at your ministry. City Vision is both an urban ministry and a University. We have been willing to give thousands of dollars worth of scholarships to your student with the hopes that your mentoring would help bring transformation to their lives.
For most ministries, we suggest that the person serving as the student's academic advisor be their supervisor or someone else that can play a mentoring role (rather than a peer). Once you have determined your local academic advisor, please send us the following information:
  • Advisor's Name:
  • Position and Role to Student:
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number:

Advisor Expectations

The expectations for a local academic advisor are:
  • Meet one-to-one with your students at least once every two weeks.
  • Provide support and accountability to help the student succeed. Think of it similar to how a sports coach might stretch those they are coaching to improve. Discuss how the student wants to be supported and held accountable and develop an alliance to maximize their chances of success
  • Review the student's records in Populi and encourage them and discuss how they are feeling and progressing with learning.
  • Support the student for any practical homework assignments that might require a nonprofit organization or ministry
  • Discuss any barriers to student success such as logistical problems (missing books, tech problems), personal crises, time management challenges, etc.
  • Provide recommendations on seeking additional relational support and other support to overcome obstacles. This could also include spiritual support and character development including asking how they are doing spiritually, coaching in spiritual disciplines and encouraging involvement in a local church and small group or providing referrals for any crises that the student may be experiencing including financial difficulty, assistance in getting governmental or other financial assistance, counseling and support resources for dealing with addiction or relational problems.
  • Supporting students in providing any required transcripts or financial aid documents needed for admission or to receive financial aid.
Academic advisors will receive an account login to our Populi student system. Instructions for how to use it are shown below.

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