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Course 302 - Nonprofit Administration

SKU: CVC 302

Course 302 - Nonprofit Administration (3 credits) 

Principles of operating a not-for-profit organization, including the development and purposes of the organizing documents, the reporting requirements for maintaining an organization's non-profit status, the functions of the Board of Directors, and the relationship between the Chief Executive and the Board.

Learning Objectives for this Course


Week One

  • To introduce the student to some of the  issues related to starting a new ministry and nonprofit organization.

Week Two

  • To introduce students to the legal issues related to establishing a nonprofit organization and maintaining its tax exempt status.

  • To introduce students to a Christian model for board leadership.

Week Three

  • To introduce the student to the forms used to file for tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service.

  • To examine the various types of board structures used by faith-based nonprofit organizations.

  • To learn about the responsibilities of the members of the nonprofit ministry board of directors.

Week Four

  • To help the student to understand the proper role of the Board of Directors in nonprofit ministry fund raising.

  • To examine the responsibilities of the board of directors in the area of setting the vision for the nonprofit ministry and long range planning functions.

Week Five

  • To help the student to understand the proper role of the Board of Directors in relation to the mission's staff members.

  • To examine the proper relationship between the board of directors and the mission's chief executive.

Week Six

  • To help the student to understand some of the principles that assist a Board of Directors to function effectively.

  • To examine some of the legal considerations that relate to services on the mission's board of directors.

Week Seven

  • To introduce the student to the principles of effective board meetings.

  • To evaluate the local mission's board in light of knowledge gained thus far in this course.

  • To interview the Executive Director and/or a member of the board of directors to gain insights by learning more about their perspective of the local ministry's board.

Week Eight

  • To introduce the student to the Carver Model of Board Governance and how it compares to more traditional approaches

Course Materials & Tuition 

Nonprofit Board Answer BookISBN: 0787994618
Total Cost of Course $735.00


On-Site Requirements


  • Ministry Director - role of the Board, relationship to Board, Fundraising
  • Development Director - Fundraising, role of board members
  • Staff Members - organizational structure
  • Board Member - role of the Board, Fundraising, effective board meeting principles

Information and/or Documents

  • Ministry Statement/Ministry Purpose
  • Organizational Structure Chart
  • Listing of Board members and profiles on each member.
  • List of the committees of the board and their responsibilities.
  • Process of the selection of Board Members.
  • Interview Exe. Director or Director of Development on the Board's role in fund raising.
  • Interview the local mission's Executive Director on what he has done, personally, to encourage the board's involvement and support for the ministry.
  • Minutes from previous Board Meetings.

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