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Course 309 - Nonprofit Fundraising

SKU: CVC 309

Course 309 - Nonprofit Fundraising (3 credits) 

A study of the concepts and principles of fundraising for nonprofits. The students will explore fundraising strategies, including basic planning and management principles, underlying organizational issues involved with planning and solicitation, including in-depth analysis of one organization’s planning process and audit, knowledge of how organizational ethics, norms, strategic planning and direction influence both the funding and their ability to meet the donor’s needs.

Please Note: In order to complete the assignments for this course, the student needs permission to study an organization in depth.

Course Objectives

In addition to the program outcomes marked with an asterisk above, CVC 309 is built around five course objectives:

  1. To describe the philosophy and principles of fundraising (Bloom’s taxonomy 1 & 2)
  2. To illustrate the strategies required to meet the donor’s needs (Bloom’s taxonomy 3)
  3. To explain the process of fundraising and solicitation management (Bloom’s taxonomy 4)
  4. To assess the importance of ethics and accountability in fundraising (Bloom’s taxonomy 5)
  5. To design and construct a Basic Fundraising Development Plan Portfolio to support your fundraising program (Bloom’s taxonomy 6)

Each course objective listed above is tied to an eight-week period listed below under the “Course Schedule” table.


Course Materials & Tuition 


Achieving Excellance in Fundraising, 4th ed., Temmpel, Eugene, Seiler, Timothy & Burlingame, D. (2016). ISBN: 9781118853825   $32.44



Total Cost of Course  


On-Site Requirements


Ministry Director 

  • How he/she approaches the fund raising responsibilities of the ministry. 
  • His actual activities related to fundraising in the past year 
  • How he/she views the role of the board of directors. 

Director of Development

  • How he/she views the role of the CEO and the board in the mission's fundraising efforts
  • What has been done in the past 12 months to cultivate donors and use volunteers in fund raising efforts. 
  • Specific meetings/activities/policies that are used to help educate and thank donors in order to increase their support of the ministry.
  • How volunteers have been used to raise funds for the ministry in the past year.
  • What are other ways volunteers help the ministry.
  • Opinion - what's more important, cultivating existing donors or trying to find new ones?
  • Direct Mail Fundraising
  • What percentage of the mission's income comes from direct mail donation.
  • How many staff members are involved with this aspect of fund raising, etc.
  • Use of foundations in Fundraising

Board Member - role in Fundraising



  • Reconciliation of faith and fundraising techniques
  • Mission's programs in current giving, capital giving, and planned giving
  • Mailing list: how many names, when were they added? 
  • Active donors: number that have given a gift in the past year? 
  • Development history: What has the ministry been doing in the past three to five years (direct mail, newsletters, etc.)? 
  • Staff: how many people assist in development including volunteers? 
  • Target markets: from what type of community is the ministry raising funds (metropolitan, rural, combination, West Coast, Midwest, etc.)? 
  • What is the budget of ministry? 
  • How much needs to be raised in the next 12 months? 
  • How much has been budgeted to raise the funds? 
  • Will additional staff members need to be hired or is present staff sufficient? 
  • Will volunteers be used? 
  • How does the board help raise money?
  • Information about programs and statistics showing services rendered, etc.
  • Testimonials of people helped, staff members, local celebrities

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