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Course 310 - Intermediate Fund Raising

SKU: CVC 310

Course 310 - Intermediate Fund Raising (3 credits) 

Explores the various approaches to effectively communicating an organization's message to potential clients, staff, community, churches, and donors. Topics include; designing and writing publications, such as newsletters and brochures, and using various types of media - Internet, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and video to promote urban ministry. 

Learning Objectives for this Course

Week One

  • Introduction to Course 310.
  • Get acquainted with fellow students and the instructor.
  • To look at the relationship of the nonprofit parachurch ministries to the Church, with an emphasis on obtaining volunteer involvement and financial support.

Week Two

  • To introduce the student to the essentials of planning for the development effort; including the process, the necessary documents, and the roles of the various individuals who will be involved.
  • To help the student understand the role of the professional development consultant in the nonprofit ministries's fund raising efforts.

Week Three

  • To introduce the student to the issues related to faith and fund raising.
  • To look into the various ways a ministry can approach the business community for support.

Week Four

  • To look at the importance of the monthly giving program and how to use it most effectively.
  • To introduce the student to strategies for analyzing donor information and how to use it.
  • To take brief look at some of the pitfall of fundraising.

Week Five

  • To introduce the student to some strategies for using special events to generate  income and acquire new donors.
  • To  focus, particularly, on the essential principles of conducting a successful fund raising banquet.

Week Six

  • To share various elements of an effective nonprofit ministries newsletter
  • To begin exploring the various avenues for marketing the ministry.

Week Seven

  • To introduce the student to the important roles of the board of directors and the Executive Director in the fund raising process.
  • To introduce the student to some principles of donor demographics, computerized records, and cultivation strategies.

Week Eight

  • To introduce the student to the various ways a ministry may market itself.
  • To help the student understand the basic principles of media relations and radio fund raising.
  • To examine some of the principles of fund raising via the Internet.

Week Nine

  • To take an extended look at the principles of major gift and foundation fund raising.
  • To introduce the student to the importance of research in the development process.
  • To give the student the opportunity to look back on the subject matter of this course and consider the principles and insights that were gained.
  • To evaluate the student's comprehension of the course materials through a comprehensive final examination


Course Materials & Tuition 

Achieving Excellence in Fund RaisingISBN: 078-7962562.
The Monthly Partner ISBN: 0-9754399-1-X 
PDF version available in course

free PDF
Total Cost of Course

On-Site Requirements


Ministry Director 

  • How he/she approaches the fund raising responsibilities of the ministry. 
  • His actual activities related to fundraising in the past year 
  • How he/she views the role of the board of directors. 

Director of Development

  • How he/she views the role of the CEO and the board in the mission's fundraising efforts
  • What has been done in the past 12 months to cultivate donors and use volunteers in fund raising efforts. 
  • Specific meetings/activities/policies that are used to help educate and thank donors in order to increase their support of the ministry.
  • How volunteers have been used to raise funds for the ministry in the past year.
  • What are other ways volunteers help the ministry.
  • Opinion - what's more important, cultivating existing donors or trying to find new ones?
  • Direct Mail Fundraising
  • What percentage of the mission's income comes from direct mail donation.
  • How many staff members are involved with this aspect of fund raising, etc.
  • Use of foundations in Fundraising

Board Member - role in Fundraising



  • Reconciliation of faith and fundraising techniques
  • Mission's programs in current giving, capital giving, and planned giving
  • Mailing list: how many names, when were they added? 
  • Active donors: number that have given a gift in the past year? 
  • Development history: What has the ministry been doing in the past three to five years (direct mail, newsletters, etc.)? 
  • Staff: how many people assist in development including volunteers? 
  • Target markets: from what type of community is the ministry raising funds (metropolitan, rural, combination, West Coast, Midwest, etc.)? 
  • What is the budget of ministry? 
  • How much needs to be raised in the next 12 months? 
  • How much has been budgeted to raise the funds? 
  • Will additional staff members need to be hired or is present staff sufficient? 
  • Will volunteers be used? 
  • How does the board help raise money?
  • Information about programs and statistics showing services rendered, etc.
  • Testimonials of people helped, staff members, local celebrities

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