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Course 403 - Urban Evangelism and Discipleship

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Course 403 - Urban Evangelism and Discipleship (3 credits) 

Biblical and practical motives, methods, and means of 1) bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to unbelievers in the setting of the inner city; and 2) helping respondents move toward spiritual and successful Christian life and service. The student who completes this course will know how evangelism and discipleship are practiced in urban ministry. He or she will know how to make a clear presentation of the gospel, how to lead others in discipleship, and how to help his/her urban mission improve if necessary in these critical efforts. The student will embody the urban mission’s passion to win and grow Christians for lifelong service to their Savior.

Professor: Kevin Yoho

Learning Objectives for this Course

Week One

Comparing and Contrasting Evangelism and Discipleship 

Students will:

  1. Make the acquaintance of instructor and their fellow students.
  2. Learn (or review) a definition of the terms evangelism and discipleship.
  3. Learn the basic Biblical distinctions between the two ministries.
  4. Initiate evaluating the evangelism effort practiced at the local mission or ministry.

Week Two

Biblical Motivations for Evangelism and Discipleship

  1. Understand the opportunities for evangelism and discipleship in the urban ministry setting (with special emphasis on Rescue ministry).
  2. Reckon with the strong Biblical motivations for discipleship given by the master evangelists Paul and Matthew.

Week Three

The Urban Context and Evangelism and Discipleship

  1. Grasp the scope of possibilities for evangelism and discipleship ministry in the urban setting.
  2. Think through the implications of any link between accessing ministry services and confessing Christian faith.

Week Four

Developing Curriculum for Evangelism and Discipleship

  1. Commit to memory a sound gospel presentation that can be used in a broad variety of settings.
  2. Consider the special suitability of the Gospel of John for urban ministry.
  3. Round out a philosophy for thinking critically about evangelism practice in an urban ministry. 

Week Five

Discipleship Themes

  1. Learn a scope of prescribed discipleship activities.
  2. Practice the transmission of discipleship disciplines. 
  3. Practice customizing discipleship activities for use in the local ministry.
  4. Complete the mid-term exam.

Week Six

Accountability in Evangelistic and Discipleship Efforts

  • Develop a standard for evaluating the evangelistic and discipleship efforts of an urban ministry
  • Practice using such evaluation in the local ministry

Week Seven

Finding Opportunities for Evangelism and Discipleship

Becoming better attuned to evangelistic and discipleship opportunities

Week Eight

Concluding Session

  1. Start a lifelong, self-sustaining process of evangelistic and disciplined service of faithful urban ministry.
  2. Evaluate and "debrief" the materials and impact of the course.
  3. Complete the final exam.


Course Materials & Tuition 


"Bread of Life" Gospel of John bookletISBN: 978-0840700155  .01
A Guide to Prayer For All God's PeopleISBN: 978-0835807104   $16.00
Living Water Gospel of John booklet, No ISBN (see link for free version) Free  0.00
The Hungry InheritISBN: 1879534029   $12.00



Total Cost of Course  


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