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Course 440: Church Planting and Ministry Startup

SKU: CVC 440

This course equips students with the intellectual framework and tools necessary to build churches and ministries through evangelism, cell group formation, discipleship, and leadership development.

Course Objectives

  • Articulate the three integrated steps of church planting: evangelizing the lost, equipping the new disciples to live the Christian life in the context of Christian community - the Church, and empowering the leaders and the community to reproduce itself and associate with other like-minded churches
  • Understand and apply the ten critical principles of a church planting model drawn from Acts
  • Understand and apply the principle of oikos, or household evangelism, including the idea of an oikos as a web of common kinship relationships, friendships, associations that make up a person’s larger social circle
  • Understand the more difficult challenges involved in urban evangelism, and develop strategies to address them
  • Articulate and apply principles of Biblical follow-up to evangelism and discipleship
  • Articulate and apply principles of raising up new leaders in your church


Title Cost

Davis, D. Focus on Reproduction. Wichita, KS: TUMI/World Impact, 2005. 293pp. ISBN: 978-1-62932-012-0. 

$10 (for Kindle edition)

Shenk, D.W. & Stutzman, E.R. Creating Communities of the Kingdom: New Testament Models of Church Planting.Waterloo, ON: Herald Press, 1988. ISBN: 978-0-83613-470-4


Phillips, K. Out of Ashes.Los Angeles: World Impact, 2003. ISBN: 978-0-96555-530-2

Tuition Cost $700.00
Total Cost of Course, including Books (at Full Price) $737.00



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