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Tuition Discounts and Scholarships

Course discounts/scholarships are available for several groups of individuals. See the table below. Students are only able to receive the largest discount that applies to them. The discounts/scholarships below do not stack and cannot be combined.

  Percent Undergrad
AGRM / Rescue Mission members 15% $5,950 $6,800
Interns at City Vision internship sites (where site pays intern fee) 100% 0 0
Staff at City Vision internship sites or partner ministries 35.7% $4,500 $5,000
TechMission/City Vision staff 100% 0 0
Partner Organization: Internsemployer paid tuitioncredit partnershipsprogram participants and students in developing countries   $4,500 $5,000
Veterans & their dependents, active duty/reservists & their dependents (with Educational VA benefits) 15% $5,950 $6,800


  • Regardless of discount/scholarship, students are still responsible for the full cost of books.
  • All discounts/scholarships listed above are valid from Fall 1 2018 to Summer 2019. City Vision University reserves the right to change which are offered in terms past Summer 2019.
  • Discounts/scholarships cannot be combined.  
  • Students receiving AGRM, partner or intern discounts/scholarships must fill out a form and identify a supervisor or mentor in rescue mission to serve as their academic advisor.

To learn more about receiving these discounts/scholarships, please email us at support [at] cityvision [dot] edu.

Criteria to Keep Scholarships

To maintain a scholarship in City Vision students must meet the following standards.
  1. Scholarship Student in Good Standing. To remain a scholarship student in good standing, they must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA in City Vision courses (not counting transfer credit).
  2. Partnership Active. If they receive a scholarship because of an affiliation with a ministry, their ministry must remain a partner with City Vision with an active partnership or internship contract.
  3. Scholarship Probation. If they have less than a 3.0 GPA, they must sign a commitment to spending at least 15 hours per week of effort for each course. Students on scholarship probation will only receive discounts on courses in which they receive an A or B. In addition, students must not get more than two attendance warnings in a given term. Students will not receive a scholarship for any course in which they received more than two attendance warnings, or for courses in terms that they dropped. Students that meet the grade and attendance standards in one course but not in another in a given term will only receive the discount on the course where they met the standards. Exceptions may be made by the president in extraordinary circumstances such as poor attendance due to hospitalization, natural disaster, etc. 
  4. Intern scholarships. Students who are interns at City Vision Internship sites that are current on their payments will continue to receive their scholarship until their current contract is completed. After that, these criteria will be included in all internship contracts. Interns taking one course would still receive a scholarship in all circumstances if their site is current on payments. Interns taking two courses who do not meet the above criteria will only receive a scholarship of $800/term.
  5. Integrity. They follow City Vision’s standards for academic integrity and code of conduct. Students will be notified of any violations and of any loss of their scholarship.