CVC301: Introduction to Nonprofit Management (take early in program)

Course Description

This course will help build the student’s capacity to be an authentic leader and an effective manager for profit and non-profit organizations across all sectors including corporate, business, entrepreneurial, civic, and religious. This course is designed to resource the student’s journey of personal leadership development and to learn how to motivate and inspire others in their organization to be authentic leaders, too. Students will reflect on their own professional leadership experiences, read case studies of successful business leaders, interact with fellow classmates and instructors, and then synthesize their own philosophy and practice of leadership in their final project. Successful students will actively participate and share in class forum discussions, learn theory and practice, and reflect on social, political, religious and other dynamics as organizations solve problems, face critical challenges, and serve local and global communities.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Identify foundational theories and specialized skills of nonprofit management including nonprofit boards, finances, leadership, strategy, marketing, fundraising, human resources and social entrepreneurship.
  2. Make use of the results of your individual Workplace Behavioral Profile in developing your own professional development plan.
  3. Describe the importance of each of the four quadrants of the Competing Values Framework for nonprofit management skills: Collaborate, Control, Create and Compete.
  4. Apply concepts of nonprofit management into a specific context of a ministry, church or other nonprofit organization.
  5. Identify and develop a relationship with a nonprofit organization to provide practical contexts for assignments in their degree program and advance your career (including seeking an internship if desired).
  6. Create a self-management plan, degree plan and career plan synthesizing the material covered in this course.


Course Materials & Tuition

Worth, M. J. (2018). Nonprofit Management: Principles and Practice (Fifth edition). CQ Press. ISBN: 1506396860.


Zigarelli, M., & Babbes, G. (2006). The Minister’s MBA: Essential Business Tools for Maximum Ministry Success. Holman Reference. ISBN: 0805443932.




Total Cost of Course