Course Schedule: Fall 1 19-20

List of courses offered this term.

THE501: Building Your Theology

(2 credits) Course Description Modern evangelical theology is flooded with conflicting viewpoints. Many of these disagreements arise between denominations, while others arise within denominations and individual churches. The apparent hopelessness of reaching theological unity has even led some Christians to deny the value of theology altogether. With so many different ideas competing for our loyalty, …

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BIB503: The Pentateuch 1

(3 credits) Course Description The first five books of the Old Testament are commonly called the Pentateuch. They tell the story of the nation of Israel from creation to preparation for the conquest of the Promised Land. But is the Pentateuch simply the historical account of God’s chosen people, or is it something more? This …

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MTM 509: Christian Community Development and the Social Justice Tradition

This course introduces students to the theory and practice of Christian community development in an increasingly interconnected, urban world.  Students will be equipped to develop church-based, holistic community development strategies that cultivate community assets and empower indigenous leadership in low-income communities.  Special emphasis will be placed on issues of fundraising, shared vision, and resource development for various anti-poverty strategies.

BUS409: Leadership in Diverse and Under-Resourced Communities (MBA Undergrad Section)

Course Description This course covers traditional Christian leadership development theory as well as providing a survey of theories on leadership. The first part of the course focuses on life reflection within a Christian context in order to develop a philosophy of ministry. The last part of this course focuses on how to lead effectively in …

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BIB405: The Gospels

(3 credits) Course Description The four gospels are key books of the Bible, since they narrate the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Each gospel has a unique perspective and a unique purpose. This course explains the background, the structure, the main contents, and the major themes of each gospel. It is based on …

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BUS405: Managerial Accounting (MBA Undergrad Section)

Course Description A study of financial accounting techniques and an in-depth examination of the uses of accounting information from a management perspective. Students examine the preparation and analysis of financial reports for control, costing, methods, and systems of planning and control. Emphasis is placed on the use of computerized tools in the preparation and analysis …

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CVC421: Recovery Coaching & Peer Support Specialist

The purpose of this course is to gain the knowledge and skills to excel as a peer support specialist as evidenced by possessing the knowledge necessary to pass the various state and national certification exams. Students will also begin the process of applying for certification in their state and complete a portfolio outlining in detail the remaining steps to complete in order to become certified.