Course Schedule: Spring 1 21-22

List of courses offered this term.

ENG101: English Composition I

Course Description In this course, you will develop better writing skills through learning and practicing the steps of the writing process: prewriting, writing (drafting), revision, editing, and publishing. The course focuses on the types of writing (genres) that are most frequently used in college, such as expository essays and research papers. Lessons also highlight the …

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ADC405: Group Counseling Practices

This course is designed for the novice therapist, one who is participant learner of the experience and dynamics of small groups. Students will begin to develop their abilities as group facilitators and potential therapist. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to describe the aspects of forming, leading and evaluating groups as well as identify specific behaviors that are disruptive in group settings.

ADC304: Drugs of Abuse

This course serves as an overview of the chemicals that are commonly being abused in our current society. It will address the classes of drug and the effect of each class of drug. It will discuss the common methods of administration, the speed of transmission to the brain and the neurological impact on the brain. There will also be a brief look at the treatment continuum of care.

MIN101: Vocation, Calling & Purpose of Work

This course will help students to understand the purpose of work and a Christian understanding of vocation. Students will gain a better understanding of their unique identity and purpose in their vocation. They will also refine their understanding of calling or vocation might be and how it fits into God’s purposes and a Christian worldview. They will then create a synthesis of the above understandings into a reflective life plan.

ORG101: Introduction to Nonprofit & Ministry Management (take early in program)

This course will help build the student’s capacity to be an authentic leader and an effective manager for profit and non-profit organizations across all sectors including corporate, business, entrepreneurial, civic, and religious. This course is designed to resource the student’s journey of personal leadership development and to learn how to motivate and inspire others in their organization to be authentic leaders, too.