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Course CVC 105 - Introduction to Missions

SKU: CVC 105

Introduction to Missions (3 credits)

This course provides an overview of missionary work. Students gain an understanding of the philosophy of mission trips along with the advantages and disadvantages of short term mission trips.  This course also examines social justice, working with various cultures and the advantages of teamwork and teambuilding.  Additionally, students will take a one week mission trip where they will experience many of the topics studied throughout the course.

This course will primarily be conducted online, but week 7 will include in-person training as a part of a missions trip.

At the end of this course students should be able to:

1.       have an understanding and vision for the field of missions and service learning

2.       define and explain the concepts of social justice and cross-cultural ministry.

3.       recognize potential problems on a mission trip.

4.       explain the advantages and disadvantages of a mission trip.

5.       list, describe and evaluate the components of a mission trip.


Tuition: $700

Required Texts:

Title   Cost

Ellis, L., & Fields, D. Mission Trips From Start to Finish: How to Organize and Lead Impactful Mission Trips. Group Publishing, 2008. ISBN: 978-0764460647


Livermore, D. A., & Borthwick, P. Serving with Eyes Wide Open: Doing Short-Term Missions with Cultural Intelligence (Updated edition). Baker Books, 2012. ISBN: 978-0801066160  $12.98

Total Tuition Cost   $700.00
Total Cost of Course, including Books (at Full Price)   $737.41

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