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BUS613 - Project Management


Project Management (3 credits)(MBA degree program)

This course is an introduction to project management (PM). A variety of learning opportunities are employed to help students learn and demonstrate an understanding of the various project management concepts, techniques, and tools. A running case problem is also used allowing students to develop multiple outputs or deliverables related to managing a project throughout the course.

Course Objectives:

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  1. Understand the growing need for better project, program, and portfolio management and distinguish the differences.
  2. Describe project management and discuss key elements of the project management framework, including the five levels of project portfolio management, the project management knowledge areas, common tools and techniques, and project success factors.
  3. Discuss the initiating process from pre-initiating tasks to initiating tasks and create a project charter to formally initiate a project.
  4. Describe the importance of creating plans to guide project execution and outputs for project integration and scope management and create related documents including scope, work breakdown structure (WBS), a milestones list, quality checklist, communications and risk management plans.
  5. Recognize planning processes and outputs for project quality, human resource, communications, stakeholder, risk, and procurement management and update project-related information as part of quality assurance and development internal and external communication documents.
  6. Understand processes and outputs of project monitoring and controlling by developing a performance/progress report.
  7. Develop a lessons-learned report based on an understanding of common way to close or terminate projects and reflect on best practice in project management.


Course Materials & Tuition 

Schwalbe, Kathy. An Introduction to Project Management, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 5th edition (May 29, 2015). ISBN:  9781505212099




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