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Chief Digital Officer and Our Masters Program

Masters Program and Chief Digital Officers (CDO)

While the MTSE Program can prepare you for many jobs, we believe that it will particularly help equip individuals to serve as a Chief Digital Officer (CDO).  Gartner predicted that by 2015, 25% of all organizations will have a Chief Digital Officer. A Chief Digital Officer is focused on helping the organization build a digital business through innovation, generating revenues, online customer aquisition and cutting costs. Many organizations are using the Chief Digital Officer position as a way to bring digital concepts and innovation across the organization. Gartner VP David Willis says, "“The Chief Digital Officer will prove to be the most exciting strategic role in the decade ahead. The Chief Digital Officer plays in the place where the enterprise meets the customer, where the revenue is generated, and the mission accomplished. They’re in charge of digital business strategy.”

CDO compared to CIO

A Chief Digital Officer differs from a Chief Information Officer (CIO) in that the CDO focuses more on innovation, big data, strategy and taking risks required for growth as discussed in this Gartner article. CIO's typically are more about backoffice technology, reducing technology risk and costs in an organization.  A CDO functions at the intersection of IT and Marketing and will help construct a unified strategy for how technology impacts the customer. Another way of looking at it, CIOs often have a preference for order and details needed in a manager, while CTOs might be more entreprienerial and focused on the big picture and creative aspects of technology.

CDO compared to CMO

David Mathison, the curator of the Chief Digital Officer Summit, recently answered this question in a blog, "There is an overlap between the marketing and the digital function, whereas the CMO continues to manage customer engagement, which includes traditional (print, broadcast, etc) plus social outreach (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc); the CDO is really more focused on building a digital business through innovation, generating revenues, cutting costs, etc. For example, they are responsible for turning consumers of data on the website into actual purchasers or long-term customers."

How Our Masters Program Equips Future Chief Digital Officers

The MTSE Program is design to assist Christians in developing their management, innovation and entrepreneurial skills through the following courses. Because of the Christian framework, we believe that the program will be particularly good at helping students become CDOs in Christian organizations. The following are some of the ways our courses help equip students to be CDOs.

In addition, the course Course 508 - Capstone Project, can be focused on a project specifically to develop a comprehensive digital strategy for a particular organization in which the student may aspire to be CDO.