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Course 508: Technology and Social Entrepreneurship Capstone Project


Professor: Andrew Sears

The Capstone represents the culmination of the student experience in the MTSE program where students work on a major project that shows an integrated interdisciplinary understanding of the overall MTSE program. The project should be practical and be able to be used by a current or future employer or affiliated ministry. This course help students to:

  1. Create a major product that significantly contributes toward the field of technology & ministry in a way that can be used and replicated by others.
  2. Synthesize materials learned in the MTSE program and apply it toward a significant program or opportunity in the field.
  3. Collect and evaluate comprehensive research in a particular domain of technology & ministry and apply that toward significant program or opportunity in the field.
  4. Help spread this solution by communicating, defending and distributing (in written, oral and multimedia formats) a solution to a particular problem or opportunity in the field of technology & ministry in a way that can be effectively replicated by others.

This course can be completed over the course of several terms. You only need to register for it once.

Textbooks: This is a self-directed study course; no set texts are required.


To register for this course:

  1. If you are not already a student: Apply Now & agree to the terms of the included Enrollment Agreement. Once your application is approved, log in to Populi to register.
  2. If you are a student: log in to Populi, and register from your student dashboard.

Email if you need assistance.