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Course 512: Grant and Proposal Writing

SKU: CVC 434/512

This course will focus on grant and proposal writing covering the research and prospect identification process, foundation grants, government grants and the relational process of grant approvals. This course will help students to:

  1. To understand the competitive marketplace of grants, research grants that will fit with your organization’s strategies and capabilities and develop systems for continuously identifying the best prospects.
  2. To write professional grant proposals for corporate and private foundations that present your organization in a way to maximize your chance of getting approved.
  3. To conduct research and write professional grant proposals for governmental grants that present your organization in a way to maximize your chance of getting approved.
  4. To understand the relational element of getting your grant approved including identifying contacts, getting meetings, presenting your opportunity in person and how review and approval processes work.


Title Cost

Karsh, Ellen, and Arlen Sue Fox. The Only Grant-Writing Book You’ll Ever Need: Top Grant Writers and Grant Givers Share Their Secrets. Fourth Edition. Basic Books, 2014. ISBN: 978-0465018697


O'Neal-McElrath, Tori. Winning Grants Step by Step: The Complete Workbook for Planning, Developing and Writing Successful Proposals. Fourth Edition. Jossey-Bass, 2013. ISBN: 978-1118378342

Total Cost of Course, including Books (at Full Price) $940.41


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