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Strategic Partners

Students affiliated with the following organizations may receive $1,500/year (25%) scholarship. 

Credit Partnerships

Students from the following institutions can transfer credit and receive a $3,500/year scholarship for City Vision courses, so tuition is only $3,500/year ($350/course).

Mission Year

Saylor logo
Saylor Academy
New York Divinity School logo New York Divinity School
The Urban Ministry Institute

Wheeler Mission Ministries

Kingdom Story Leadership Institute


International Top Up Degree and Developing Country Partners

Students from the following institutions can transfer credit and receive a $2,500/year scholarship for City Vision courses  so tuition is only $3,500/year ($350/course).

Qualifi logo
Graffins College logo
Graffins College

Master Education International



6 Ways to Partner

  1. City Vision Internships (find out more) and its parent organization TechMission have placed over 500 full-time interns in over 100 ministries in the past 10 years. The program is intended to be a Christian counterpart to AmeriCorps after we left AmeriCorps after 9 years. Internship sites pay discounted tuition of $3,500/year. Watch video testimonials.
  2. Employer Paid Tuition. Many ministries, nonprofits and rescue missions have paid for their staff at a discounted tuition rate of $3,500/year to help them get their degree or $350/course for specific skills like nonprofit accounting.  Watch video testimonials
  3. Credit Partnerships.  Partners listed above receive discounted tuition to $3,500.
  4. Discipleship Study Groups. An example of this would be a church or ministry runs an a job readiness program for rescue mission program graduates includes discipleship, job readiness skills and life skills. They partner with City Vision so students can get credit for their existing ministry training provided by the ministry while also taking City Vision courses.  Students pay the ministry $2,275 each (a total of $45,500/year for 20 students) to cover the costs of the discipleship program.
  5. Partnerships in Developing Countries. Students in developing countries receive discounts so that tuition is only $3,500/year.
  6. Strategic Partnerships. Students from organizations affiliated with the above associations receive a discount so that tuition is only $4,500/year