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Dr. Amanda Forbes
Dr. Amanda Forbes is the Executive Director of Trinity Education Global, which has the vision of “every church a college.” Trinity operates church-based education programs serving the poor in Nairobi, Kenya. She has developed curricula for a National Endowment for the Humanities funded project and the Women Leaders of Tomorrow program in Pakistan and has served as an Associate Editor with Reconsidering Development. She also helped to found a grant-funded interdisciplinary initiative at the University of Minnesota. She graduated from the nation’s top graduate school of education, Vanderbilt University (M.Ed.), as well as Pepperdine University (B.A.) and the University of Minnesota (Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Administration with a specialization in Comparative and International Development Education).

Harriet Hodge-Henry

Harriet Hodge-Henry is the pastor of the Gathering Christian Fellowship in Boston. She previously served as the Director of Operations at TechMission / City Vision University. She also worked as a Senior Financial Assistant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She also worked as a Production Manager at Digital Equipment Corporation. She received her B.S. in Operations Management and a Certificate from Boston University’s Institute for Nonprofit Management and Leadership. She currently spends much of her time homeschooling her grandchildren.

Dr. Jay Gary
Dr. Jay Gary is the Assistant Dean of Online Programs at Oral Roberts University. He is the past president and current board member of the Association of Professional Futurists. He previously served as Graduate Program Director in School of Business of LeTourneau University, and as the Program Director of a Master of Arts in Strategic Foresight at Regent University. He also previously served as the Alliances Manager for the Lausanne Movement. He also served as the National Director for the Institute of International Studies, where he managed a 10-person team to develop the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course, which has become the most widely used course in training Christians about global missions.

Colonel Dr. Janet Munn

Colonel Dr. Janet Munn has ministered as an officer in The Salvation Army for over 30 years. She has served as the Principal of The Salvation Army’s College for Officer Training, first in Sydney, Australia, and most recently, in Suffern, New York. Janet holds degrees from Asbury University (B.A., 1984), Greenville College (M.A., 2003), and Ashland Theological Seminary, where she received her Doctor of Ministry in 2015. Janet currently serves at the Director of the Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission in New York City that serves as a liaison with the United Nations. She has co-written two books on prayer, and written a third on the use of power in leadership and its relation to culture and gender. 

Dr. Brad Smith
Dr. Brad Smith is the President of Bakke Graduate University, which is focused on developed global, urban, transformational leaders. He previously served as the President of Leadership Network, which was founded by Bob Buford. He previously served as the Director of New Programs for the Center of Christian Leadership in Dallas Seminary. He received a Bachelor of Business Management from Texas A&M, Masters of Theology for Dallas Theological Seminary, Doctorate from Bakke University.

Jeff Cook

Jeff is the Chief Programs Officer of the Springs Rescue Mission, $16.7 million dollar rescue mission serving the poor, homeless and addicted in Colorado Springs. Jeff previously worked in the restaurant industry where he managed and started several multimillion-dollar restaurants. Jeff received his Bachelor’s in Nonprofit Management as well as his MBA from City Vision.

Dr. Walker Tzeng

Dr. Walker Tzeng is the Executive Director of the World Evangelical Theological Institute Association (WETIA), Senior Pastor of Gratia Community Church, and Chief Operating Officer/Chaplain of Olivet University. He has also served on the board or leadership teams of numerous organizations including the Association for Biblical Higher Education, World Evangelical Alliance, and National Association of Evangelicals. He has an extensive background in accreditation, including leading an institution to initial accreditation, and educational technology, including the creation of an integrated LMS/SIS platform, EdBrite. He received his B.S. in Cybernetics from UCLA and his M.Div. and D.Min from Olivet University.

Brittany Hargrove

Brittany is the Chief Program Officer of Lighthouse Mission Ministries in Bellingham, WA. She previously served as the Senior Director of Shelters and Housing at St. Matthew’s House in Naples, FL. Brittany is an graduate of City Vision, receiving her BS in Addiction Studies in 2017 and her MBA in 2021. 

City Vision Mentors

City Vision has a group that mentors students in our ORG350 & ORG650: Mentored Ministry & Leadership course listed below

terrell carter

Dr. Terrell Carter

Mentoring Domains: Executive Director, Community Development, Black Church Leadership, Chief Diversity Officer, Mentoring

Jody Veler

Mentoring Domains: Executive Director, Community Development, Women in Leadership, Black Leadership, Government and Politics

Commissioner Jim Knaggs

Mentoring Domains: Salvation Army (former Western Territory Commander), Leadership, Executive Leadership, Nonprofit Management, Urban Ministry
Shawna Fitz

Shawna Fitz

Mentoring Domains: Social Work & Economic Development, Project Management, Women and BIPOC in Tech

Colonel Dr. Janet Munn

Mentoring Domains: Women in Leadership, Cross-Cultural Ministry, Education Leadership, Salvation Army, Social Justice

Dr. Charles McElveen

Mentoring Domains: Nonprofit Program Development, Military Transition to Nonprofit Ministry, Executive Pastor, Christian Higher Education, Rescue Missions
brian jones

Major Dr. Brian Jones

Mentoring Domains: Salvation Army, Spiritual Formation, Pastoral Ministry, Christian Higher Education
Michael Liimatta

Michael Liimatta

Mentoring Domains: Christian Addiction Recovery, Rescue Missions, Nonprofit Management, Pastoral Ministry

Deborah Torres

Mentoring Domains: Development, Women & Families Ministry, Rescue Missions, Women in Leadership

Dick McMillen

Mentoring Domains: Executive Leadership, Development, Rescue Missions

Tom Zobel

Mentoring Domains: Executive Leadership, Development, Rescue Missions

Penny Kevet

Mentoring Domains: Executive Leadership, Development, Rescue Missions, Board Development, Women in Leadership

Dr. John Frank

Mentoring Domains: Development, Board Development, Rescue Missions

Dr. John Savage

Mentoring Domains: Development, Board Development, Leadership, Rescue Missions

Dr. Jack Briggs

Mentoring Domains: Executive Leadership, Board Development, Rescue Missions