Computer Requirements & Recommendations

At City Vision, you can study on your schedule in 100% online courses. You never have to travel to a physical campus. Our online courses are like live courses but instead of live lectures, most are recorded. Instead of live discussion, you have discussion forums with other students. To participate in these courses you need the following:

  • Computer. Windows 7 or greater, Macintosh OS X or later, Chrome OS or comparable system. We encourage you to access our courses from a computer web browser rather than a tablet or smartphone. You should not attempt to complete your assignments on a smartphone.
  • Internet. High speed Internet connection (cable, DSL, etc.). A dialup connection will likely not work, due to the required streaming audio & video in each course.
  • Email Account. You must have an email account that is yours alone. You can use Gmail (or similar free email services)
  • Software
    • Web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge). Internet Explorer is not recommended. In order to use City Vision University’s learning management system, you will need to enable cookies in your Web browser. They should be enabled by default, but if there are not, you may read this article to learn how to do it in various Web browsers.
    • Office suite such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Free alternatives include Google DocsSheets and SlidesOpenOffice; or LibreOffice.
      • To use Google Docs. 1) create a Google Account if you do not have one. 2) If you use Google Docs, you will need to export your documents in order to submit them to your instructor. See here for instructions. 3) Optional learn to use Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. These can open Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download)
  • Video Conference. Courses use Zoom Live Video Conferencing. To verify your identity, you are required to use a webcam and microphone to participate in the live portions of courses (via computer or smartphone app for iPhone or Android). Upload a clear photo of yourself, focusing on head and shoulders, to our Canvas learning management system so we can match it to your video. To do this, you can either watch the instructions in the video or follow these text instructions.
  • How to Use Canvas and Populi. Visit this page to learn how to access your courses, pay bills and more.
  • Additional Optional Training

Students requiring technical support should email