Transfer Credit Policies

Transfer Credit Policies and Prior Learning Assessment

Process to Send in Transcripts

  • Contact previous schools you attended and request an official transcript be sent to
    City Vision University
    1100 E 11th Street
    Kansas City, MO 64106-3028
  • Official transcripts may be sent by the institution electronically to
  • Photocopies, faxes, emails or unofficial transcripts from the student will not be accepted.

Transfer Policy Summary

  • You can transfer up to 75% of your degree (90 credits for Bachelor's or 45 credits for Associate's) from any accredited college (undergraduates), or 25% (9 credits)for graduate students.
  • We provide the most flexible, streamlined process to get prior learning experience credits of any online Christian university.
  • You can transfer credits from any accredited school, in any country.
  • Transfer credits can be in any field (including vocational fields).

Summary of Prior Learning Assessment for Past Experience

City Vision offers what we believe is the most flexible, streamlined process to get prior learning experience credits of any online Christian university. We view City Vision as a Christian counterpart of secular schools that specialize in granting prior learning credit. We focus on this because we often teach leaders with decades of senior experience in the nonprofit and business world who operate at a practical experience level of someone with an MBA, but they do not have any degree.

What You Can Get Credit For

  • Experience and prior learning for up to 75% of undergraduate and 25% of graduate degrees.
  • Credit by examination from ACE, AP, CLEP, DANTES, Excelsior, TECEP, and NCCR.
  • Military, corporate and ministry training.
  • Unaccredited courses like CEUs and MOOCs (edX & Coursera).
  • Certifications, licenses and ordination or other prior learning or experience.

How Prior Learning Credit Works

  1. Take City Vision’s Prior Learning Assessment course to have up to 30 credits evaluated.
  2. Develop a portfolio documenting your experiential learning.
  3. Our faculty evaluate your credit, comparing your documentation to learning outcomes of accredited courses.
  4. The credit will be added to your transcript if it is granted,
    so you can finish your degree more quickly.

Transfer Credit Acceptance Standards

  • Transfer credit is granted only for courses in which the equivalent to City Vision University’s standard for a “C-” or better has been earned, and which fit the university’s academic program requirements.
  • Courses in which a grade of “pass” is received must be certified by the school as being equivalent to City Vision University’s standard for a “C-” or higher in order to be accepted in transfer.
  • At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, transfer credits must be from either U.S.-based schools that are accredited by a body that is recognized by the US Department of Education or the Council of Higher Education Accreditation, or non-US institutions that are listed in the International Handbook of Universities.
  • City Vision University follows a semester hour system, so transfer credits from quarter hour systems are divided by 1.5. Semester Hours = Quarter Hours/1.5. 

Transfer Credits for Students Outside of North America

  • For foreign students, we use the transcript evaluation services of World Education Services or NARIC if their transcripts are not in English or if there is not a clear translation of credits mechanism from the program in their country.
    • International students should check to see if their school is accredited in:
    • International students from schools not listed in that directory may develop a prior learning assessment portfolio or have their transcripts evaluated by the World Education Services or NARIC. 
  • Transcripts and official documents must be in English or be accompanied by an official translation into English. 
  • Where official transcripts are unobtainable due to circumstances beyond the student’s control, City Vision University may accept for review a valid affidavit that substantiates the student’s academic record. 
  • In all cases, City Vision University reserves the right to determine whether it will accept transfer credits from another academic institution.
If you have additional questions, please call the City Vision University Registrar’s Office at 816-960-2008 or email