Proctor Requirement

Note: If you have an approved proctor from a previous term, they will not need to apply to be approved again. They can use the passcode that they were provided when they were originally approved to serve as a proctor.

Step 1. Apply for Proctor Approval

All City Vision University students are required to select a proctor. This person will be approved by the university to proctor the examinations that students take while at the school. This is necessary to preserve the integrity of the examination process because exams are not open book.

The proctor cannot be a relative of the student, and cannot be a student of City Vision University. Some examples might include a college or university administrator or faculty member, a school superintendent or principal, a school or public librarian, a ministry director, or a pastor.

Once you’ve found a proctor who meets these criteria, have them fill out the application at:

This form can be found on the City Vision University website in the Forms section of the Current Students menu. You may watch a video on these requirements.

Step 2. Proctoring During Exams (After Proctor is Approved)

  1. The proctor should complete the proctor application form as soon as possible in the term, no later than two business days before the exam is to be taken. 
  2. If the proctor is approved, they will receive the password for the exam by email.
  3. The student must arrange with the proctor a time and place for the examination to be administered. The proctor must be present in the room with the student during the entire time the examination is being taken. The proctor must ensure that the student does not use textbooks, notes, study guides, or the Internet to look up answers to test questions.
  4. At the time of the exam, the proctor must ask the student to show a government-issued ID to verify that the person taking the test is indeed the student whom they had signed up to proctor.
  5. Then, the student will log into our Learning Management System (Canvas) and click on the link to the exam. 
  6. The proctor will enter the password they received by email in step #2, and the student may begin the exam. The proctor should be sure not to share the password with the student or let them see it.
    You may watch a detailed video of steps 5 & 6 here.
  7. The proctor should remain present until the student has finished the exam to ensure the student doesn’t cheat on the exam.
  8. Most exams are automatically graded so the student will see their grade immediately.  If the exam has essay or short answer questions, the professor will need to grade those, so the results will not be displayed immediately.  The student will receive an email notification when these exams are graded completely.

If you need help with the proctoring process, please email