Course Extension Request Form

Use the form below if you are requesting an extension on a course or the assignments in it. Note our course extension policy.

Policy on Course Extensions

  1. You may submit extension requests no later than two days before the course ends.
  2. Extensions are typically granted only for exceptional circumstances, such as an illness that would prevent you from currently doing course work, or the death of a family member. 
  3. If you have a documented disability that would require more time to complete the assignment, then email
  4. Course extensions beyond the end of a course will only be granted if you have completed at least half of the assignments in a course.
  5. In order for a course extension to be approved, you must specify below the dates by which you will completed the assignments in the course so far
  6. Course extension requests will be reviewed by the Academic Oversight team. No course extension will be granted beyond the start of the next term unless approved by City Vision’s President.
  7. Students not submitting anything for grading in the first two weeks will be dropped.

If your course extension request is denied, then we will apply our normal late policy as follows:

  • Late but less than 1 week late: lose half a letter grade. For students with documented disabilities, this becomes “less than 1 week late, no penalty”.
  • More than 1 week late, but less than 2 (after the following Sunday): lose 1 letter grade. i.e. “A” becomes a “B”   For students with documented disabilities, this becomes “One week late but less than 2 week late, no penalty”.
  • More than 2 weeks late will receive a zero.

For students with documented disabilities, we cannot extend assignment submission further than 2 weeks past their due dates except for in rare cases, due to the difficulty that extremely late assignments create in meeting US Department of Education requirements.