City Vision provides scholarships and helps nonprofit organizations develop educational employee tuition reimbursement benefit programs to help train and retain your staff.

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Four Reasons to Develop a Tuition Reimbursement Program

A recent survey showed that 92% of organizations offered some type of educational benefit, with 63% providing tuition assistance or reimbursement.

Organizations with tuition assistance report an increase of employee applicants of 20%, increased retention of 10-40% with a 21% increase in promotions for participants and an RoI of 129%.

Tuition assistance with organizations with shared values, like City Vision, can help ministries and nonprofits promote values-aligned employees from within.

Tuition assistance creates new opportunities to fundraise toward an "education fund" to fund scholarships for both staff and program participants.

Sources: IFEBP Education Benefits Survey, Discover Case Study and Cigna Case Study.

Case Study: St. Matthew's House & City Vision​

st matthews house

St. Matthew’s House is an incredibly innovative $33 million dollar rescue mission serving the poor, homeless and addicted in Naples, FL. Each year, they provide over 513,000 meals and housing to over 1,600 individuals. Of those, 120 are placed in jobs, and 385 are placed in housing. The leadership of St. Matthew’s realized a key strategy to remain effective and innovative is to invest heavily in the education and training of their staff. In the past 5 years, St. Matthew’s has had over 40 of their staff and others enroll in City Vision and one of their staff has become faculty.

As a strategic partner, City Vision provides a $250/course scholarship so tuition is only $5,500/year. Also, many of their staff have outstanding senior management experience, enabling them to accelerate their degree by getting prior learning credit for their past experience. City Vision plans to partner with St. Matthew’s to design some of our free MOOC courses, so they could be taken by all their intensive residential recovery programs participants. As our partner, St. Matthew’s can better fulfill their vision of transforming thousands of lives and becoming a national model of best practices for other organizations to replicate.


“City Vision University provides a quality, practical and affordable education that equips our staff to better serve people experiencing hunger, homelessness and addiction. Often our people that earn their degrees at City Vision have been homeless or addicted and now are valued employees that can help transform other people’s lives through their education.” – Steve Brooder, CEO, St. Matthew’s House

How to Partner with City Vision in Our Tuition Reimbursement Program

Complete the inquiry form above to be contacted by our team with information and next steps in partnering.

Develop (or update) your tuition reimbursement program for your employees and list City Vision as a recommended partner.

City Vision will provide a scholarship to your employees so tuition will only cost $550/course or $5,500/year for undergraduate and graduate programs (for organizations referring 2+ students annually).

We will collaborate to inform your employees and answer any questions they might have.

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