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Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid/Federal Loans

City Vision University is currently America's 16th most affordable Christian college.

Undergraduate Tuition Only $6,000 per Year*

Junior Year (City Vision) $6,000
Senior Year (City Vision) $6,000
TOTAL $12,000

* Excludes cost of books and other materials, which are estimated at $500 per year.

Students now may also take freshman & sophomore level courses through City Vision, so they can complete a full 4-year bachelor's degree entirely at the school (total of $24,000 for 4 years).

Note: Tuition will not increase within a given academic year, but it may be increased between academic years.

Tuition for Master's Only $10,800 

 Tuition for our Master's program is only $300 per credit hour, making the total tuition $10,800 for the whole program (excluding cost of books, estimated at $500/year).

Student Financial Charges

Financial charges to students for City Vision University courses are divided into three categories:

  1. Application fee.  Graduate students enrolling in City Vision University for the first time are required to pay a one-time application fee $50.  This fee is paid only once and covers the initial cost of establishing and maintaining a student's file. This fee is non-refundable unless the refund request is made within 5 business days from when the student submits their application, not including holidays and weekends. Undergraduate students may apply to City Vision at no charge.
  2. The tuition, or academic, fee.  This is paid to City Vision University upon registering for a course, and covers the cost of instruction.  Access to the virtual classroom for a particular course is granted when a student registers for that course. Note: textbooks and other instructional materials are not included in the tuition rate. They must be purchased separately.
  3. The cost of required textbooks.  City Vision University does not sell textbooks to students but uses a third party vendor to operate its online bookstore.  The bookstore offers competitive prices on the necessary textbooks but we recommend that students shop around to purchase textbooks online and locally.  See the course descriptions to see required resources for each course. Pell grants cannot be used to pay for textbooks, but student loans can, after the money is received by the student.

Students can estimate their financial aid at: Some students use the following living expense figures for their estimate: off-campus room and board $7,000; other $500. Title IV federal aid (Pell grants & loans) are currently only available to students in the bachelor's program.

Tuition Discounts and Scholarships

City Vision University offers tuition discounts and scholarships to specific, well-defined groups of people. For example, international students in developing countries receive a discount to $3,500/year.

Click here to see more information about the discounts available.

Program Fees and Tuition

The undergraduate tuition cost is $200 per credit hour.  Therefore, the tuition cost of a three-credit course is $600.  

Graduate tuition is $300 per credit hour, so three-credit courses cost $900.

This cost must be paid in full before students may participate in a course for which they register.  The only exceptions to this policy are: 1) if the student has already been approved to receive federal student aid or some other form of financial assistance, 2) the student is participating in the Internship Program, or 3) an approved organization has agreed to pay for the student’s tuition.

Dropping Courses

See our drop policy for details on how dropping courses affects your financial situation.

Application Fee Refund

Graduate students may get their application fee refunded if the request is made within 5 business days from when the student submits their application, not including holidays and weekends. Contact financialaid [at] cityvision [dot] edu for the application fee refund.

Undergraduate students do not have to pay a fee to apply.

Tuition Refunds

Tuition refunds may be obtained for dropping courses or dropping out of the college under certain circumstances. In order to obtain a tuition refund from City Vision University, students should do one of the following: either fill out the appropriate drop form, email support [at] cityvision [dot] edu or call (816) 298-0455.

If you wish to discuss your decision to drop a course or drop out of the college, you may call the university office at (816) 960-2008 or email the registrar at registrar [at] cityvision [dot] edu.

If a student chooses to withdraw from a course, the following refund policy will apply:

  • Students who cancel their enrollment before the end of the first week of a course are entitled to a full refund of all money paid.
  • Once registered for a eight-week course the following shall apply if a student withdraws:
    Refundable tuition after:
    • 1st week of class - 87.5%
    • 2nd week of class - 75%
    • 3rd week of class - 62.5%
    • 4th week of class - 50%
    • 5th week of class - 0%

Students who withdraw from a particular course may apply the tuition they have paid to another course that may be taken at a later time. If the tuition rate has changed, a credit will be applied to the total cost of that course.

Student Financial Aid/Federal Loans

Students may receive financial assistance through federal student aid, veterans benefits, institutional scholarships and from state programs such as vocational rehabilitation and the Workforce Investment Act funding. Title IV federal aid (Pell grants & loans) are currently only available to students in the bachelor's program. Visit the Financial Aid/Federal Loans section of our web site for more information.