City Vision GPA Calculation Procedure

A student’s total GPA is calculated in three steps:
A) The City Vision GPA is calculated:
  1. Convert the letter grade for each course attempted that counts toward GPA to a numeric quality point score, according to the grade conversion table found on our academic policies page.
  2. Multiply the quality point score by the number of credits for the course.
  3. Sum up the quality points to get the Quality Point Total.
  4. Sum up the credits to get the Total Credits Attempted.
  5. Calculate the overall GPA as:
Quality Point Total / Total Credits Attempted  
Note the following regarding which courses count toward GPA: 
  • Students may repeat courses in order to earn a higher grade and more quality points. The credits will be counted only once, and the grade earned the second time will supersede the earlier grade. The record of the earlier grade will remain on the transcript, although it will not enter into the computation of the grade point average.
  • Courses with a letter grade of “P” (Pass) will not count toward the GPA.
  • Courses attempted are defined as any courses on which a student earns a grade of A through F, or a grade of WF (withdrawals after week 5). Courses with a grade of W are not counted as courses attempted in the GPA calculation.
B) If the student has transfer credit accepted, the Transfer Credit GPA is calculated, as a weighted average of the GPA from each institution.
The following gives an example for a student with transfer credit from 2 institutions:
((Institution 1 GPA * Institution 1 # of Credits Accepted) + (Institution 2 GPA * Institution 2 # of Credits Accepted)) / Total # of Transfer Credits Accepted  
C) If the student has transfer credit accepted, the Total GPA is calculated from the City Vision GPA and Transfer Credit GPA as a weighted average:
((City Vision GPA * Total City Vision Credits Attempted) + (Transfer Credit GPA * Transfer Credits Attempted)) / (City Vision Credits Attempted + Transfer Credits Attempted) 
If the student does not have transfer credit accepted, the Total GPA is equivalent to the City Vision GPA.