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Course Extension Request

To request an extension on one of your current courses, fill out the form below no later than two days before the course ends. 

Extension requests should only be made if you are not going to finish a course before it officially ends. If you need an extension on a specific assignment, you should contact your professor directly.

Extensions are typically granted only for exceptional circumstances, such as an illness that would prevent you from doing course work at this time, or the death of a family member.

Course extensions will only be granted if you have completed at least half of the assignments in a course. 

While you are working to complete a course for which an extension has been granted, you can only take a maximum of one additional course.

In order for a course extension to be approved, you and your professor must agree upon a date by which you will have completed all the remaining assignments in the course.

Course extension requests may be reviewed by the student’s professor and/or the Academic Oversight team (Dean, Department Chair or President).

In a few sentences, describe the reason why you require an extension in order to complete this course.