Meets Degree Requirements for: MBA Core

BUS605: Strategic Management Capstone (take late in program)

A study of the process and nature of strategic management, including the constraints and opportunities leaders face in strategic planning, the leader’s task in accommodating and minimizing these limitations, and the impact of these constraints on strategic choices.

BUS601: Nonprofit Financial Management

A study of financial accounting techniques and an in-depth examination of the uses of accounting information from a management perspective. Students examine the preparation and analysis of financial reports for control, costing, methods, and systems of planning and control. Emphasis is placed on the use of computerized tools in the preparation and analysis of accounting reports.

BUS603: Marketing for Nonprofits and Businesses

This course is a study of advanced marketing management, especially product, price, promotion, and distribution problem solving. The legal and social environment within which marketing problems occur is also discussed.

BUS604: Human Resources

A study of management of human resources at the organizational level, including human resource forecasting, planning, and training and development. Topics include the legislative environment of human resource management, labor relations, job analysis, recruiting, performance appraisal, and compensation.

BUS609: Organizational Behavior: Developing Healthy Organizations

An examination of the theory and practice of organizational behavior from the manager’s perspective. The course examines the roles of individual differences, perception, learning, motivation, group dynamics, teams, conflict, stress, communication, power, politics, leadership, and other factors having an impact on individual job and overall organizational performance in today’s organizations.

BUS602: Managerial Economics

A study of the fundamental principles of microeconomics most relevant to managers. Students apply economics principles to identify and solve managerial problems. Topics include supply and demand, production and cost, pricing, market equilibrium, firm competition, market structures, as well as incentives and organizational architecture.

MTM511: Social Entrepreneurship

This course will explore the discipline of social entrepreneurship. The course centers around a final project where students will build their own social entrepreneurship “pitch deck” to use to persuade potential supporters of their initiative. This course will apply many of the best practices of startups used by Silicon Valley to the social sector including: Lean Startup principles and the Business Model Canvas.

MTM508: Technology & Social Entrepreneurship Capstone Project

The Capstone represents the culmination of the student experience in the MTSE program where students work on a major project that shows an integrated interdisciplinary understanding of the overall MTSE program. The project should be practical and be able to be used by a current or future employer or affiliated ministry.

MTM507: Capstone Project Design

This course is designed to introduce the student to the requirements of the Capstone course proposal. A major focus of the course will be to choose and refine their Capstone project based on feedback from faculty, peers and partner organizations.

MTM503: Vocation, Calling & Purpose of Work

This course will help students to understand the purpose of work and a Christian understanding of vocation. Students will gain a better understanding of their unique identity and purpose in their vocation. They will also refine their understanding of calling or vocation might be and how it fits into God’s purposes and a Christian worldview. They will then create a synthesis of the above understandings into a reflective life plan.