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City Vision University Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is City Vision a nationally accredited university?

Yes. See our list of accreditations and affiliations at

2. How do I enroll and register for courses?

You may enroll and register for courses following the process described at

3. Who is qualified to receive scholarships and tuition discounts?

Various groups are qualified for tuition discounts. See a full list here

4. How do I transfer credit into City Vision University?

Requirements for transfer credits are detailed at To learn about how to transfer in credit, visit

5. How do I start the financial aid process for City Vision University?

Steps for applying for financial aid are detailed at

6. Does financial aid cover all courses provided through City Vision?

Undergraduates may receive federal Pell grants; graduate students may not receive federal student aid. Other forms of financial aid are available.

7. What is the City Vision University proctor requirement?

See for details on this requirement.

8. How does someone apply to be my proctor?

See for a link to the proctor application form.

9. How do I access the New Student Orientation?

As described on, all new students must complete the New Student Orientation before beginning work on their first course. You will be added to it automatically upon enrollment.

We recommend students start the orientation two weeks before the course starts.

10. How do I order textbooks?

City Vision University offers an online store for ordering textbooks at

11. Does tuition include textbooks?

No, students are responsible for their own textbook purchases. See

12. How do I withdraw from a class?

See for instructions on dropping courses.

13. How do I request a course extension?

If you are requesting a course extension, please review our full policy on attendance and late assignments - It contains a link to the course extension form.

14. How do I change the degree program in which I am enrolled?

Contact registrar [at] cityvision [dot] edu with the name of your current degree program and the new degree program if you wish to change to a new degree program.

15. Do City Vision University students have a .edu email account assigned?

Students who have completed at least 1 course with City Vision University may receive a .edu email address by contacting webmaster [at] cityvision [dot] edu.

16. What do I do when I am having problems with the online course materials (i.e., audio, video, PDFs, etc.)?

In these cases, please contact support [at] cityvision [dot] edu or call 816-708-0794 to let the technical support team know about the problem so they are able to fix the issues for you. Do not contact the professors or post in the class forums; the tech support team at support [at] cityvision [dot] edu is the appropriate contact.