How to Get VA Education Benefits & Use Them at City Vision University

Qualified veterans and their dependents may receive educational benefits from the VA while attending City Vision University.  To apply, contact the VA toll free at 1-888-GIBILL1 or apply online.

For information about the most common types of VA education benefits, see the links below:

To get an estimate of your projected VA benefit amount, you may use this tool. Put the school name in as “City Vision College.”

If you have waited more than 45 days to hear back regarding your application for VA education benefits, check with the VA. If they approve you, they will issue you a Certificate of Eligibility letter – scan and email it to us at, or fax it to (816) 256-8471. A DD-214 or a US Uniformed Services card is not enough for use to certify your aid, since it doesn’t show what specific type of aid that you can receive, or how many months of aid you have available. The VA calls its aid types “chapters” – for example, Chapter 30 is the Montgomery GI Bill® , Chapter 33 is the Post-9/11 GI Bill®, and Chapter 35 is Survivors’ and Dependents’ Benefits.

If they do not approve, they will say why in the letter of denial. You have the right to appeal a denial, and the letter should give instructions if it was for a reason such as missing documentation.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

How to Get a VA Certificate of Eligibility

In order to receive education benefits from the VA while attending City Vision University, you will need to provide us with your Certificate of Eligibility. Alternatively, if you have Post-9/11 GI Bill® benefits, you can download a Statement of Benefits online, and provide us with that. The VA doesn’t allow a DD-214 or Uniformed Services card to be used, since it doesn’t show the details on your benefits.

The Certificate of Eligibility is a document, about 2-3 pages long, which the VA will send to you when you first complete the application. It will list the VA Education aid type and the number of months of aid you can get.

If you no longer have this document, you can get it using one of the two methods below. You can also call their support line at 1-888-442-4551 for help.

After you’ve received the document using one of the methods below, scan and email it to us at, or fax it to (816) 256-8471. Then we can certify your benefits to the VA if you are currently active in a term. You should receive your first benefits payment from the VA 1-2 months after that.

Method One:

If you have an eBenefits Level II account, you can:
• Log onto eBenefits (
• On the “Welcome” page, select the “Manage Your Benefits” option at the bottom
• Under the “Manage Benefits” option, select the “Status Tracking” option
• In the “Education” block, you should see a link for the benefit you are eligible for
• Select the “Enrollment Status” Link (Post 9/11 GI Bill®, Montgomery GI Bill®, etc)
• Print the page entitled “Education Enrollment Status”

If you don’t yet have an eBenefits account, you can learn more about eBenefits here. You can go to the eBenefits homepage to register, and if you need assistance, visit their Contact page.

Method Two:

• Go to the GI Bill® Website (
• Select the “Submit a Question” option
• If you have an existing account, log in
• If not, you will need to use the “Sign up” link to establish an account
• Once you are logged in, select the “Ask a Question” tab at the top
• For subject, put “GI Bill Certificate of Eligibility”
• For question, put in something like “I am requesting a duplicate copy of my GI Bill
Certificate of Eligibility be mailed to me.”
• Product is “GI Bill”
• Category is the benefit you are eligible for
• Under the benefit you are eligible for, select eligibility
• Submit your request.
• A duplicate Certificate of Eligibility will be mailed to you

Once you have received the Certificate of Eligibility, scan and email it to, or fax it to (816) 256-8471.

We will certify your aid as soon as you are active in courses. If you have any questions, email or call +1 (816) 708-0797.