Misrepresentation Policy

As an insitution of high integrity, City Vision University is committed to providing the most accurate information through all media to anyone associated with the University. The University complies with the Business Standards of its accreditor, the DEAC, which require accuracy and honesty in all marketing and other university communications.

City Vision University will not engage in misrepresentation of any form as defined by Federal law: 34 CFR § 668.71(c). That law defines misrepresentation as any false, erroneous or misleading statement that an eligible institution, one of its representatives, or any ineligible institution, organization, or person with whom the eligible institution has an agreement to provide educational programs, or to provide marketing, advertising, recruiting or admissions services, makes directly or indirectly to a student, prospective student or any member of the public, or to an accrediting agency, to a State agency, or to the Secretary.

A misleading statement includes any statement that has the likelihood or tendency to deceive. A statement is any communication made in writing, visually, orally, or through other means. Misrepresentation includes the dissemination of a student endorsement or testimonial that a student gives either under duress or because the institution required the student to make such an endorsement or testimonial to participate in a program.