Staff/Alumni Story: Nancy Young: Counseling People from a Christian Perspective

Nancy Young is a 2013 graduate of City Vision University with a Bachelor of Science in Addiction Studies, and is now City Vision’s Director of Admissions. Her own experience at City Vision is the best advertisement she can give as she speaks to people with potential interest in the school.

When interviewed in 2013, she said the following, “I already had a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice,” before coming to City Vision, “but my time at City Vision has been the best time in my life. It’s good to be trained in how to connect with people. Even though I’ve been a social worker for over 20 years, being able to be in a Christian environment and learn how to counsel people from a Christian perspective has just been a best case scenario…I encourage anybody who’s out there who feels like they want to help to go out and get trained in how to help and let God speak to you through that training.”

Now Nancy Young works for City Vision as our Director of Admissions.