Policies for Late Assignments, Attendance, Dropping Courses and Plagiarism

Attendance Policy

Students that have a 14 day gap in submitting items for grading are administratively dropped unless they are granted an extension by their instructor or academic administration.

Late Assignment Policy

  • Late but less than 1 week late: lose half a letter grade. For students with documented disabilities, this becomes “less than 1 week late, no penalty”.
  • More than 1 week late less than 2 (after the following Sunday): lose 1 letter grade. i.e. “A” becomes a “B”. Students with documented disabilities will lose only half a letter grade.
  • More than 2 weeks late will receive a zero unless granted an extension by City Vision’s president. Extensions are typically granted only for exceptional circumstances, such as an illness that would prevent you from doing course work at this time, or the death of a family member. For students with documented disabilities, we cannot extend this further except for in rare exceptions due to the difficulty that extremely late assignment submissions create in meeting US Department of Education requirements.
  • Students not submitting anything for grading in the first two weeks will be dropped.

Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism is submitting someone else’s work and claiming it as the student’s own or neglecting to give appropriate documentation when using any kind of reference materials. Plagiarism, whether done purposefully or unintentionally, includes copying or paraphrasing materials from study guides, textbooks, someone else’s writing, or any other source (published or unpublished). Any words, thoughts, or ideas taken from any other source must be properly documented according to an accepted style manual. The style manual used at City Vision is that of the APA (American Psychological Association), version 7. We strongly recommend that all students read our full standards of academic integrity and this article on what plagiarism is and how to avoid it before beginning courses, so that they will not be subject to penalties for committing plagiarism in a course.

It is also plagiarism to submit an assignment in a class that is the same or substantially the same as one previously submitted for credit in another. For students who use direct quotes, extensive paraphrasing or other materials from other sources in their papers (using correct citation), they should keep in mind that no more than 10% of material from other sources will be counted toward word counts or page length requirements.

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