Requesting Transcript from National Student Clearinghouse

  1. Visit the National Student Clearinghouse website at 
  2. Hover over the green button on the far right of the top menu labeled “Order-Track-Verify.”
  3. Select “Order a Transcript” from the options.
  4. Type in the name of the institution from which you are requesting the transcript.
  5. Click Continue then click Order Transcript(s).
  6. On the first Step 1 Enter Personal Information screen, put in your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, whether your name has changed;  one of the following: Student ID or Social Security Number; and the years you attended the institution.
  7. On the second Step 1 screen, put in all your contact information.
  8. Select “Transcript and Deliver Details” from the options.
  9. From the drop-down menu, select College or University as the Recipient Type, then select Country to be United States and State to be Missouri.
  10. NOTE: City Vision University is not on the list of schools, so you will need to type the word “City” then select “Not In List”. Then type “City Vision University” in the Enter School Name field below.
  11. On the next screen, answer the questions as described below:
    1. Unless you need to wait for more courses to be added to your transcript select “Current Transcript – Process As Is” for “When do you want your transcript processed”
    2. Answer “Why Are Your Ordering Your Transcript” as follows: For undergraduate students, select “Transfer”. For graduate students, select “Graduate Admissions”
    3. For “How do you want your transcript sent?” select “Electronic”
    4. For “How many copies do you want” select “1 copy”
    5. Accept the terms and conditions, then click Continue.
  12. On the next page, for the email address, put, then click Add to Cart.
  13. Click Checkout, fill out the electronic consent form, then click Continue.
  14. Enter your payment details on the following screen to complete the checkout process.