Requirements to Receive Federal Student Aid Payments (Title IV)

  • In order to remain eligible for federal student aid, you must comply with the university’s policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • Students who have completed a FAFSA will be issued an award letter. Receipt of the award letter is considered to be acceptance of the funds offered, if no reply is made requesting a change in the award. Students can decline funds offered or request a change in offered amounts by emailing If changes are requested, a new award letter will be issued.
  • If a student has submitted all required items in their financial aid file and been determined to be eligible and completed the first 5 weeks of their term, their financial aid will be disbursed on the first day of the seventh week of the term. Students will not be billed until the first day of the seventh week of the term. City Vision then has 14 days to issue a check. Students meeting these requirements can expect to have their check sent to them by the end of the term.
  • Half-time students will only receive half of their Pell grant awardTo be considered full-time in a term, a student must participate in 2 courses (or more). Students who only submit assignments in one course in a term are counted as half-time.
  • The charges for tuition will be automatically applied to your balance with the university according to the tuition billing policy. If you have a credit balance remaining after you have been charged for tuition and received your financial aid for a term, it will be refunded to you as per our Credit Balance Policy.