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Student Complaint Process

If students have an issue with a City Vision University Staff member or a City Vision University policy or believe we are not following DEAC standards, we ask that students first address the appropriate individual to try and resolve the issue  (i.e., if students have an issue with financial aid, please contact the City Vision University Financial Aid Officer first about the problem). If no appropriate resolution can be reached, contact our President, Andrew Sears, at andrew [at] techmission [dot] org. A written response will be given within 4 weeks of the official complaint. If still no appropriate resolution can be reached, students may file a complaint with the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. 
Bear in mind that a complaint, as officially designated, is different from a concern. A complaint is the "expression of dissatisfaction concerning the provision of a course of study", and thus requires that something be materially deficient in how the school is providing education. Errors with the university website or learning management system, or issues with the timing of financial aid, or the like, would not rise to the level of a complaint.
DEAC has an “Online Complaint System” that enables individuals to file a complaint directly from the DEAC website. The complaint form may be found at All complaints should be submitted using this form. For those who cannot access the Internet, written complaints will be accepted provided they include the complainant’s name and contact information and a release from the complainant(s) authorizing the Commission to forward a copy of the complaint, including identification of the complainant(s) to the institution. Where circumstances warrant, the complainant may remain anonymous to the institution, but all identifying information must be given to DEAC. 
Written complaints must contain the following: the basis of any allegation of noncompliance with DEAC standards and policies; all relevant names and dates and a brief description of the actions forming the basis of the complaint; copies of any available documents or materials that support the allegations; a release authorizing the Commission to forward a copy of the complaint, including identification of the complaint(s) to the institution. In cases of anonymous complaints or where the complainant requests for his/her name to be kept confidential, the Commission considers how to proceed and whether the anonymous complaint sets forth reasonable and credible information that an institution may be in violation of the Commission’s standards and whether the complainant’s identify is not necessary to investigate. 
To file a complaint with the Missouri Department of Higher Education you need to make a phone call to the MDHE at 573-751-2361 to indicate a desire to file a complaint. If the MDHE decided it will hear your complaint, it will direct you to a form in which to make the formal complaint. 
If you have exhausted the complaints process with the institution, you may also file a complaint with your state of residence using your state's complaints process.