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Academic Counseling

City Vision University personnel are available to advise and assist students to clarify their educational objectives and help them with their course work.  Ultimately, the interest and self-discipline of students are the main determinant of success in meeting their educational goals through participation in City Vision University.


An official transcript of all work completed through City Vision University is available upon written request and/or authorization of the student.  Each transcript costs $10 for processing.

To request a transcript, fill out the online transcript request form.

Student Inquiries and Comments

Students in need of assistance may speak with a City Vision University staff member by calling (816) 960-2008 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time, Monday through Friday. For technical assistance, such as with logging in to student accounts or making use of the online learning environment, call (816) 708-0794.

They may also contact university staff and instructors via e-mail (support [at] cityvision [dot] edu), by using the messaging system in the course system, or via the chat link on the website. In most cases, a response to any inquiry will normally be made within 72 hours.

Course evaluations are also included with each course.  These provide students with opportunities to evaluate the courses and help in the future preparation of courses, revising of content, and the like.

Termination of Enrollment

  1. Students may withdraw voluntarily at anytime simply by notifying the university by any means, such as: writing the university, calling the university office,or emailing registrar [at] cityvision [dot] edu. However, the preferred method for termination of enrollment is by filling out the form located online at
  2. Termination may occur if a student fails to maintain academic good standing with the university, as per the academic probation policy.
  3. Internships will be terminated because of conduct that is detrimental to the training site, its programs and/or its clients.This includes outrageous, unprofessional,or dangerous behavior,illegal or immoral activities,willfully destroying property belonging to others,and so forth.

.Graduation & Placement Services

Graduation from City Vision University is not a guarantee of employment with any ministry or other organization.  City Vision University does not have a placement service for its graduates.

We do host an online job directory with thousands of jobs in Christian ministries at