Angie Estevez, BS in Addiction Counseling

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Angie Estevez first heard about City Vision’s Bachelor’s degree program as she was finishing up her Associate’s degree. After working 11 years in law enforcement, she wanted new direction in life, but she wasn’t sure what to major in – but she knew she was passionate about urban ministry.  Her ultimate goal was to obtain a Master’s degree, and the online format and cost-effectiveness of City Vision’s program would enable her to receive a Bachelor’s degree at a faster pace.

She is currently in graduate school and on track to obtaining her Master’s degree goal. Angie and her husband also started a nonprofit organization called Casa Shalom, Inc. ( whose mission is “to minister to the individual enduring issues such as addiction, marital problems, brokenness, etc. But we are also helping to equip other churches and ministries with the resources they need to fulfill their visions and their goals.”

When talking about her City Vision University degree, she says, “I feel that the degree gives me the confidence to exercise [what] the Lord has been preparing me to do. I also received firsthand knowledge about the Rescue Missions through the U.S. – not only the plight of the homeless, but also the plight of the missionary who chooses to serve in this field.”

This testimonial was given in 2012.

[Edited May 2015; updated the institution’s name]