Ila Lebas, BS in Business Administration

Ila Lebas faced several challenges when she was young. She had many jobs and went to several different colleges. She was divorced twice and experienced much abuse and trauma. She came to City Vision so she could accomplish something she had wanted to do since she was young. 

City Vision’s professors were supportive, hopeful, and provided great feedback. Despite the challenge of learning new things at an older age, with the structured classes and support, it was achievable. Whenever she had questions or struggled, the professors were there to help.

She appreciated the camaraderie at City Vision the most. People from all walks of life, united by Christian values, come together to support you throughout your program.

Graduating from City Vision has pushed Ila to a new level of self-acceptance and has given her a vision for the future that she didn’t know existed when she started. It has been a wonderful program, and she is grateful that she participated in it.