Jean Congera, BA in Christian Ministry & Leadership

Jean Congera was born in Rwanda and spent much of his early life in refugee camps in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. He came to the US in 2006. He got involved in Christian community development because he wanted to help others in the ways he was helped, and started working at the Refugee Ministry Leader at Northwest Community Center out of Northwest Bible Church. He became one of the leaders who planted a Refugee Church at the Northwest Bible Church in Dallas. He realized that he needed more training, so he enrolled in The Urban Ministry Institute in Dallas. After he graduated, he enrolled at City Vision and received full credit for his studies at TUMI. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry & Leadership in 2020.

Now, as of 2021, he is enrolled in City Vision’s MBA program, and was able to get prior learning credit for his church planting experience. In addition to being a community leader and pastor, he is also a husband and father of two children. In the long term, he plans to go back to Africa to develop ministries there similar to those he has developed in the US.