Kim Thornton, Master’s in Organizational Leadership

kim thornton cropped

Kim Thornton first came to City Vision while she was a Salvation Army intern. She got her Bachelor’s in addiction counseling, then became a Case Manager with the Army.

After years of serving in that role, she wanted to move up in the Salvation Army. Just then, Nancy Young of City Vision let her know City Vision offers Master’s degrees.

Kim “dove headfirst” into a Master’s in Organizational Leadership, focused on Cross-Cultural Ministry. She says “it was one of the best things [she’s] ever done.” The courses were a perfect fit for her career, practical and Christ-centered. The degree was also affordable, since the Salvation Army offered her tuition reimbursement. But what she appreciated most were the professors and the relationships that she built.

The professors were knowledgeable but humble. They discerned what their students needed, even spending one-on-one time with her. Studying with them helped Kim understand her job better and increased her confidence.

Now Kim has graduated from City Vision University for the second time. She is a Social Ministries Director with the Salvation Army and feels more ready for her job than ever before. She’s grateful for the chance to learn and grow. And she’s excited to tell others about her experience at City Vision University.