Kimberly Mosler, MBA

Before starting courses at City Vision University, Kimberly Mosler studied nursing. However, she got involved in addictions from which she recovered at Adult & Teen Challenge. While she was there, she decided she wanted to finish college. The dean of education recommended City Vision University. When Kimberly researched the school, she appreciated it was affordable and faith-based, and offered courses online.

First, Kimberly completed a Bachelor’s in Addiction Counseling with City Vision. But later, as her passion for helping women in addiction grew, she decided to enroll in the MBA program. Through that program she got prepared to be Executive Director of a women’s shelter in her area, Ignited.

At City Vision, Kimberly found a supportive environment with dedicated professors who ensured she grasped the material thoroughly. The courses were designed around real-life applications. The Bachelor’s in Addiction Counseling even included a course to prepare students for licensure for those who sought it. The MBA was similarly practical, offering vital training in board development, financial sustainability, and leadership. Through City Vision, Kimberly was prepared to use her own experiences to help other women recover from addiction.